Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Alexander McQueen month - must read!

I am proud to introduce you our new project, the McQueen month! The famous designer Alexander McQueen, which was inspiration to all of us and is in my opinion the best designer that has ever lived, has died in last year. February 11th will be the day when one year has passed from his death. In his honor, we will dedicate this whole month to him.

We have alot of treats in store for you, one of which is these 2$ McQueen Inspired tops:

If you're interested in their real life versions, here they are:

If you want one for yourself, visit my account - MissVampire - and buy it. There's only 75 in stock for now so hurry up!

We will also have a special competition on the 11th where we will join forces with Inbetween Stardoll for a bigger number of entries. Any guesses on what you'll have to do?

And for all of those who do not know Alexander McQueen yet, we have done quite some posts about him. Check them all out by clicking here.

Here's also a few photos of his work that was transformed into Stardoll clothing. Click on each to have a better look.


  1. O.O I think this idea is very touching! I adore Alexander's Mcqueen designs! The most amazing and thrilling one is the dress with the cross! <3 I'm coming right away to buy...:P

  2. Ferbuary 11th - my birthday -_-

  3. His designs are fucking amazing, excuse my language. :)

  4. Great idea, amazing designs, definitely buying :) Good job

  5. When I went everything was out :'(

  6. Great ideea.^^ I will also buy some stuff.:]

  7. morphine through your veins2 February 2011 at 15:41

    I love your designs, you have some pure talent. I bought one of those red t-shirts. Thanks for the low prize, otherwise I hadn't bought it :')

  8. I'll be stalking your bazaar now! x)