Thursday, 10 February 2011

New Sunny Bunny Klōz + Pretty in Pink Heart Shop

We got some stores updated today.

Sunny Bunny Klōz - we got some new inspired Lolita dresses, head accessories, purses, shoes and gloves. All light-coloured and Superstar, prices ranging between 5 and 16 $.

Pretty in Pink Heart Shop - also new dresses, shoes and purses, the dominating colour being red and with a lot of odd patterns. Again, all items are Superstar-exclusive and the price range is between 5 and 11 $.

Like any? I do not.


  1. cute post!!
    love your style...=)

  2. The Sunny Bunny Cloz dresses would be kick-ass of they were black...O.O I don't like anythine either!

  3. Can't they at least update the Fallen Angel shop? Sunny Bunny Klōz is getting tons of attention. It would be nice to see a wider range of Fallen Angel clothes some time.