Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Today we got a bunch of changes on the site. First of all, we got more Beauty Parlor updates. The views on Make-Up and Jewellery look quite different and the repeated items are all together in one which is way more useful.

Starplaza also got a few changes such as the background:

And the dressing room tab:

The most significant update was the "Bigger" view. If you click on the stores tab and then "Bigger" you'll have this vision for the Fashion, Beauty and Decor shops:

Feel free to give your opinion!


  1. I think Stardoll should do the unlimited-make-up thing now that we can see what we are doing.

  2. Like we didn't have enough with all the changes so far but I think some of them are really helpful!

  3. R.I.P GARRY MOORE8 February 2011 at 20:51

    well yeah the changes r usefull but i don't like the colour...i hate pink...

  4. morphine through your veins9 February 2011 at 13:31

    My beauty parlor loads really slowly now, I don't know is it because of updates or just my computer.. Other changes are okay.

  5. ughhh, my internet freezes when the beauty parlour loads, so i can't change my me-doll :( luckily it's not too bad looking!