Monday, 31 January 2011

Just to make it clear...

Yes, the rumors are false, Stardoll will not turn into Disneydoll according to Stardoll's letter to i_am_collector (credit to HotBuysBazaar) and hazurama's guestbook post.

I'm so glad it was just rumors. I'm sure all of you are too.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

The end of Stardoll as we know it?

I am COMPLETELY horrified by what I just read on The Stardoll Shiner (credit for the photo). Disney is planning on buying Stardoll and turning it into Disneydoll. I say HELL NO!

I will leave Stardoll if it will really turn into Disney-themed princess-focused money-making mainstream shit over night. If anyone else agrees, let's write Stardoll about it!

Thursday, 27 January 2011


We all know that Stardoll get inspired by real life clothes, facial expressions, make up and even interior items. But what about the hairstyles? It's obvious that each hair has a real version which Stardoll got inspired by. We'll show you 3 at the time.

1. There's no doubt that Stardoll copied the whole cut from the picture below. Everything looks too equal:

2. This one is known as Liberty Spikes, an awesome look that many Punks wear. An example of a real life version is this Brody Dalle photo rocking at a concert:

3. And finally, a non-superstar haircut. This one is inspired by Rihanna, the owner of the most annoying voice ever. I'm not a fan of pop stars, but I do love the hair:

Do you guys like any?

Updates to Beauty Parlor - new mouths

Not much of a surprise, we received new mouths, also Superstar-exclusive, and that give your medoll a more expressive look, just like the new eyes.

There's only one thing I don't like about it, Stardoll added the much hated "duck mouth", one of the most popular Facebook poses among pre-teens.

Here they are and a close up of the mouth mentioned above:

Opinions, readers?

February Hot Buys

Here's the new Hot Buys. I find them all too boring. The black shoes look okay though.

Hot Buys Dotted Jacket - Evil Panda, February 1st - 15$
Hot Buys Double Belt - Rio, February 4th - 14$
Hot Buys Vest - Fallen Angel, February 8th - 16$
Hot Buys Fluffy Earrings - Splendid, February 10th - 14$
Hot Buys Dress - Evil Panda, February 12th - 18$
Hot Buys Striped Dress - Fudge, February 14th - 19$
Hot Buys Shoes - Stardoll, February 17th - 14$
Hot Buys Tee Top - Fudge, February 20th - 16$
Hot Buys Dress - Bisou, February 24th - 23$
Hot Buys Stardoll Bag - Pretty in Pink, February 26th - 16$


I'm not sure about you, but I'm crazy about piercings so I thought I'd make a post about it. Here's real life versions and Stardoll versions (on my MeDoll) of all the piercings I could think of. It just might give you an idea about one or two. Here they are:

1. Double eyebrow piercing

2. (Double) side lip piercing

3. Snakebite piercing

4. Clavicle piercing

5. Labret piercing

6. Medusa piercing

7. Monroe piercing

8. Nose piercing

9. Septum piercing

10. Neck piercing (I love this one)

11. Bridge piercing

Leave your opinion in the comments - which one is your favorite? Which one do you have on Stardoll and which one in real life?

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

New Shops

Today were released 2 new shops. One of them is called PopShop - Tokyo and you can find it on the Decor section. As the name suggests, the store is inspired by Japan so it's quite obvious that you'll find the traditional low tables and Japanese art, which includes the awesome Origami art in different colors. Some items are for non superstar as well and the prices are low, so you better check it out.

Two new Interiors were also released along with the store. They're nothing more than the backgrounds of the store itself. If you're interested, check your Suite Shop (both cost 17$ and they're non-superstar).

The second shop, it's called Tangled Hair Salon and it has a few furniture items as well as four huge wigs. I guess many people are totally in love with the hairstyles.

Click here to purchase the items if you're not from UK.

The store above is inspired by Disney movie "Tangled", a modern remake of a classic Grimm tale.

Check the trailer by clicking here !

Australia clothes

Australia Day is on the 26th of January so of course, Stardoll released some inspired clothes. Sadly, I haven't noticed any suite items released. Too bad because I'd love to put the Sydney Opera House or the Ayers Rock mountain in my suite. The clothes are okay though. Here they are:

The ones I liked most are the Glittering Tights that cost 7$ and actually aren't superstar, yippee. Here's the real life version, designed by Marnie Skillings:

Hot Buys Dress

This Hot Buys dress was just released. It looks very flowerish, but I still love it because of its ruffles. It costs 18$ (expensive much?), it's superstar and you can locate it in the Rio store. Here it is:

I also tried to make it look more interesting so I paired it up with a black skirt underneath. I think the result was quite amazing so I thought I'd show you and maybe give you an idea:

(click to magnify)
1: Sheer Strip Hem Skirt, Fallen Angel
2: Skirt, Pretty In Pink

And now the real life version. This dress was designed by Sarah Burton for the Alexander McQueen brand. It looks less pink in real life and has more of a collar. Brilliant isn't it?