Wednesday, 19 January 2011

More updates to Beauty Parlor

We're having more and more updates. Stardoll decided to redesign some of the old eyes and they also joined some new ones. They look really good now:

As you already know, we also got some new eyebrows days ago. Some of them can give a totally different expression to the medoll and we also got some really thin eyebrows that some Gothic girls love to wear, as you can see below. It's awesome for creating certain Goth looks.

I think we can expect new noses and mouths soon.

One more thing. Since the update, my doll has brown eyebrows in my old sceneries. And I think that's happening with everyone. Not nice.


  1. My medoll lost her eyebrows completely in my older scenerys... yuck.

  2. You can add pictures to your album.

  3. I adore the updates! Can't wait for the mouths!!! :D