Wednesday, 19 January 2011

90 Million Users

So Stardoll reached the 90 million mark. As usual, new items got released and we all received a letter from the administration in our inboxes.

This time we got some clothes (that I find total shit), a clock and some odd crystals. The price range from 3 to 18 $, and three items are Superstar-exclusive.

See them for yourself:

And now the letter: 

It's another of the half your money back things. Of course there is a limit, 90 stardollars, which isn't exactly much. Better than nothing, though...


  1. Its Awfull We Should Get More ;0 x

  2. I laughed so hard when it said champagne is a no-no xD

  3. The campaign is awful apart from the reminds of a thriller! xD Well I don't even have 90 stardollars so the offer in my opinion is always crap...Only the superstars benefit from that! -.-