Thursday, 13 January 2011

Hairstyles Updated

As you can read and see from a previous post, there have been some changes in the Beauty Parlor. First the eyebrows and now now-Superstar hair was also changed.

Stardoll decided to re-design most of the hairstyles available.

Among the ones that were changed there are a few in which you can really tell the difference, and others in which you can barely notice the modifications, except perhaps a small change in the highlighting.

Here are some our "fresh" hairs that I found more relevant:

What's your opinion? Improvement or not?

I vote for improvement, there were hairstyles that I hated before and now I'm considering trying them out.


  1. Mmm Inprovment for sure

  2. Definitely an improvement!!
    I've changed one of my only good hairstyles to a newly edited one that isn't shown above.
    It's really good that nons can finally get some of the perks :)
    Are stardoll finally being generous?
    There has to be a catch...

    --hazel. (MissEmily31998; visit me) xx

  3. Yeah improvemenent! The hair now look more and darker...

  4. I think they updated at least 95% of them (or all?) Black now looks like black, not dark gray. Yay

  5. but they updated only 2 starpoint hair :(

  6. An improvement to all except one or two, I think.

    - Krisdijne

  7. finally they actually look good. haha. im happy now. xDDD

  8. That's a good thing! :D
    But still, they only updated 3 starpoint hairstyles ;o

  9. Improvement for sure. Now all the hairstyles fit the dolls heads perfectly. Some look even glossy and better that the new ss hairstyles. ♥