Wednesday, 26 January 2011

New Shops

Today were released 2 new shops. One of them is called PopShop - Tokyo and you can find it on the Decor section. As the name suggests, the store is inspired by Japan so it's quite obvious that you'll find the traditional low tables and Japanese art, which includes the awesome Origami art in different colors. Some items are for non superstar as well and the prices are low, so you better check it out.

Two new Interiors were also released along with the store. They're nothing more than the backgrounds of the store itself. If you're interested, check your Suite Shop (both cost 17$ and they're non-superstar).

The second shop, it's called Tangled Hair Salon and it has a few furniture items as well as four huge wigs. I guess many people are totally in love with the hairstyles.

Click here to purchase the items if you're not from UK.

The store above is inspired by Disney movie "Tangled", a modern remake of a classic Grimm tale.

Check the trailer by clicking here !


  1. A lot of them are really cute I bought some items from the Popshop

  2. i like the lamps and the origami cranes!all the others don't fit my suite style (too modern for me).not a big fan of the wigs either.but i purchased the one which is free

  3. I bought some hairsetyles. They are pretty cool and match the 'witch style' ;)

  4. To be honest I'm not really into the Pop thing...I adore the hairstyles because they do match about the witch style! :]

  5. So bright... -shudder-
    The hair is nice though.