Wednesday, 12 January 2011

January Hot Buys

Here's the new January's Hot Buys (finally).

All I'm thinking is why can't they make the green ones black? This seaweed-green is such a useless color.. Otherwise they're okay. Or well, what do you guys think?

Hot Buys Shoes - Rio, January 11th - 11$
Hot Buys Star Skirt - Evil Panda, January 13th - 15$
Hot Buys Feather Pants - Fallen Angel, January 15th - 13$
Hot Buys Earrings - Splendid, January 17th - 8$
Hot Buys Bow Sweater - Bisou, January 18th - 15$
Hot Buys Top - Fudge, January 21st - 12$
Hot Buys Cotton Bag - Pretty in Pink, January 23rd - 9$
Hot Buys Dress - Rio, January 25th - 18$
Hot Buys Faux Fur Hat - Evil Panda, January 27th - 7$
Hot Buys Stud Jacket - Fallen Angel, January 29th - 16$


  1. I liked these Hot Buys... but they aren't STUNNING as I thought they'd be. I mean, they're the first Hot Buys of the year, they should be more creative, I don't know...
    I actually loved these shoes and the jacket, they're my favorites (even thought it's a hard colour to match/wear). But I just hated that yellow dress, I'd never buy it. :/

  2. I love the dress, not the one doll is wearing. Everything else is just not my thing

  3. No don't that about the green ones! I adore this's the darkest...but at some point you're right...I have nothing to match it with! -.-"

  4. Dark green can actually be a very classy colour. Matches good with black !! :D

  5. Yeah, I agree with you on the dark green. It was inspired by Alexander McQueen, and on the runway it was black =/

  6. The only thing I like is the stud jacket (mostly because it's pinstripe) so I will definitely buy that when it comes out. I can match it with black bottoms very easily. Although, the dark green pants with the gold on the sides seems to be slightly military-ish, so that one is a little better than the rest. But if the gold on the sides were silver, then I would also buy them. They don't even match the jacket! The other stuff is crap.

  7. The only thing I like is the HBs top...

  8. I like the top and the pants. I'm going to be getting those .. Other then that.. I don't really like anything else.. Maybe the jacket :P

  9. I like them, except the skirt, jeans, and the color. Seaweed green is so out the window~:D The hat seems a bit awkward too....but the rest seems okay even if I don't buy it.

  10. Right...If it's for non-ss then I'll purchase the jacket! It seems pretty amazing