Thursday, 6 January 2011

Chain Bracelet

The new year on Stardoll is being incredibly boring. Wasn't it supposed to have some new exciting things to celebrate 2011?
Since there's nothing interesting happening, I decided to write about this amazing Tingeling Halloween Couture item called Chain Bracelet that Stardoll provided us in 2009. It's nothing more than a set of chains which you can put on your MeDoll's wrists. It gives a great personal touch to diversified styles, although I really enjoy using them with Gothic looks. Its original price is 12$ but they're way more expensive now:

It's originally from the Gareth Pugh Fall 2009 RTW:

Do any of you like this piece as much as I do?


  1. Love 'em! If I'd been on SD back then, I'd have bought them. I guess the only way to get them now is via the starbazaar, eh? Too bad.

  2. Its nice. I Don't think I was susperstar when it came out. Oh well :P I would really like to have it now.

  3. I have those bracelets, but I never wear them. If anybody would be interested in owning them, contact me on Stardoll at "RoyalRuby7395" :)

  4. I have them, i love them.
    But i dont actually know where they are in my suite..

  5. They're amazing! I adore them! I wish I had them! :DD

  6. I really wish I had the chain bracelt...
    I love them! ♥

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