Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Hot Buys Dress

This Hot Buys dress was just released. It looks very flowerish, but I still love it because of its ruffles. It costs 18$ (expensive much?), it's superstar and you can locate it in the Rio store. Here it is:

I also tried to make it look more interesting so I paired it up with a black skirt underneath. I think the result was quite amazing so I thought I'd show you and maybe give you an idea:

(click to magnify)
1: Sheer Strip Hem Skirt, Fallen Angel
2: Skirt, Pretty In Pink

And now the real life version. This dress was designed by Sarah Burton for the Alexander McQueen brand. It looks less pink in real life and has more of a collar. Brilliant isn't it?


  1. I'm not really into that rockabilly style, but this dress is really nice.

  2. Actually I adore it...Your whole style and the idea with skirt is extremely amazing! Such a pity that I'm not ss!

  3. I wasn't a big fan of the dress. Its not really one I would wear or buy... But I think I might so I can seel it for a lot later xD

  4. oh wow your doll is still smoking a cigarette YOU ARE SOOO TOUGH

  5. Yeah you are so amazing on a site for teenage girls making your DOLL a cigarette.. youre amazing!!!!!!!!!!
    youre soooo goth

  6. i don't really like the dress!
    your cigarette looks awesome!

  7. @Anonymous: I'm not a goth you dumbass. Stardoll is a site for nice teenage girls, our blog isn't. our writers swear, drink, smoke, and if you have a problem with it, GO AWAY. I like my cigarette and I know for sure that alot of people do too (:

  8. I so wish this blog was still active! love it