Saturday, 12 February 2011

Kat Scarf Top

Since we're having a McQueen month, I decided to post about one more creation from this fantastic designer. Kat Scarf Top is originally from Kat Von D's doll (It's still a mystery why the doll was deleted) and you guys can find it on the Evil Panda store for 5$, only for Superstar members. This top can be used in many, many ways and there's no doubt that you can create awesome looks with it. Here's the Stardoll version:

In real life, the top was made from an Alexander McQueen skull scarf. He created many in different colors but the top was made with the one below:

And, (of course) my favorite tattooist, the amazing Kat Von D, wears the scarf as a top in real life:

Doesn't it look awesome?


  1. O.O Definately! Kat Von D's doll was deleted? >:@

  2. Oh, never knew it was the Alexander McQueen * 0 *
    I think he was one of the best designers in the world!
    And Kat Von D is very diva, is one of my favorite tattoo artists

  3. Kat Von D is my favorite tattoo maker:] and I like the KAT SCARF TOP:]

  4. awesome, <3 Kat Von D

  5. I never knew it was Alexander McQueen's design! :o Typical, I only started to take an interest in his designs after he passed away. :-( Very nice top!

  6. My little sister almost had a heart attack while looking at Kat Von D..... So lucky i'm goth and the little sister punk isn't.