Saturday, 13 March 2010

Hot Buys Band Jacket

This gorgeous Hot Buys Band Jacket was a part of the May 2009 Hot Buys collection. I bought it back then, but I gave it to black_mermaid. I'm searching for it again, they're really expensive now. And pretty rare too, but all Hot Buys are. I think the original price was 15$.

And now the real life version. The jacket is Balmain and it's worn by alot of celebrities. It has some crystals in it and in real life it costed 7830 € - that is before it was sold out. I think Balmain has alot of great designs, he's one of my favorite designers. I think these shoes of his would go well wit our jacket.
Now here's a picture of the actual jacket work by Beyoncé and the jacket on its own (click to magnify):


  1. it also looks better in stardoll. Not so shiny and girly

  2. I have a hb band jacket ,look my starbazaar

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