Monday, 23 May 2011

Evening Falls vs. Harry Potter

This post is dedicated to all the Harry Potter fans (including us, all of the writers). The first Evening Falls collection (the non-steampunk one) has two pieces that remind me of something I saw.

The first item is called Floating Candles. Simple enough. The price is 10 stardollars and it's superstar.

Now here's the possible real life version. I'm sure you've seen the floating candles in the main Hogwarts chamber, right? Photo:

And the second item is called Snake Hour Glass. 9 stardollars.

In the movie, you can see it when Tom Riddle talks to Horace Slughorn. The sandclock is kind of a boring-o-meter. Photo:


  1. I like it because you can make your suites look like Hogwarts

  2. HARRRY POTTERRRRRRRR <3 I love those candles!

  3. Course they love Harry Potter, who doesn't :P :D

  4. morphine through your veins.24 May 2011 at 13:50

    Harry Potter was one of the first books I read. They are simply amazing, probably my favourite series ever.

  5. I'm a huge HP fan and I honestly didn't notice the similarity between the sand clocks :D

  6. i'm trying to make a hp inspired room with the candles :D it's really difficult though so who knows when i'll eventually finish it :s