Sunday, 15 May 2011

Stupidity continues

The poll I came across was no better than the one previous:

Hello, people, Neptune is NOT a star (neither is Venus, contrary to popular belief - it only reflects light but does not emit it) and Justin Bieber (makes my finger curl to write his name) is no more than dog crap on your shoe sole. Open some books, brainless people. Knowing Solar system is much more important than being able to apply make-up the right way.

Justin Bieber really fits in here

Pic that illustrates the subject quite well:


  1. Sometimes I wonder whether 12 year old little bitches with filled of make-up faces actually write these polls!

  2. Oh my god! I think I love you! Thanks for the truth and a good laugh!

  3. hahahahahah Its a f*cking stupid!!!!!

  4. /facepalm/

    The picture made me laugh though x]

  5. Many years ago...I answered Proxima Centauri :D Back in the day, this was a trick question/answer cuz everybody (well, not everybody) forgot our Sun is a star, a yellow dwarf to be precise. Ofc, I was so embraced I never fell for it again :)

  6. morphine through your veins.16 May 2011 at 15:41


    I can't really say anything to this. Stardoll is being so dumbass, that I don't understand it any more.

  7. She says:"Open some books, brainless people. Knowing Solar system is much more important than being able to apply make-up the right way"

    No,not really.For children((you know there are a lot of children on stardoll.They are 9,10 year old girls))knowing solar system is not that important i think.

    Also as you now you can earn starcoins by clicking the poll.That's why some people who doesn't even know english click the poll without knowing what does the question means.

    It's easy to call people brainless.And you chose the easy one.

    p.s. I am red_plum on stardoll if you wanna say something

  8. @Anonymous.

    My apologies for sticking my nose up here, but I just had to say it.

    First of all, knowing the solar system is a basic ability of any human being. I knew it by the time I was five or so, and so did my classmates. Heck, even by watching Sailor Moon I understood that Neptune was a planet and not a star.

    I think Jolanta's opinion is right. This is an extremely sad poll, despite the minority that doesn't know enough English to roughly understand the poll.

    She "chose the easy way" or was realistic? Because I'd expect kids with basic education to get this shit right.

  9. Yes, knowing the solar system, or AT LEAST know that the sun is a star is very important, and something you learn in school at young age.

    It's sad to see that Justin had more votes than Neptune..

  10. Oh, just to add, JB did have more votes than Neptune when I saw the poll

  11. I agree, the solar system is more important than does not take you anywhere.and I learned about the solar system in the 2nd grade.and lol (2nd pic)

  12. I love that picture, It's fantastic!! xD

  13. I don't think they don't know its a star. Neptune is not a star so it can't be the right answer.