Wednesday, 9 May 2012

StarDesign Hair

Stardoll has gone mad about hair. If you don't believe me, check your inbox for a StarDesign Hair ad - it will completely blow your mind (or at least that's what Stardoll is expecting you to do. Oh, nevermind, I suck at psychology). In other words, if you've been earning for a living selling hair made of feathers, Stardoll has a (hopefully, nice) surprise for ya - StarDesign Hair. Meaning, you can now design hair (takes a genius to figure out), instead of feathers.

At first I was unsure what to do (having no imagination and all), but as it turns out, Stardoll has made up a little tutorial for idiots like me, who don't know where to being (and where to stop, for that matter). Makes so much sense now.

And, for the end, something I made myself (*le killer)

Go forth, my minions, make me proud of your made up hair, I'm sure they'll be better than mine.


  1. I love this new feature. I've seen lots of dolls with new hairs. I've even seen one doll that looks like Princess Amidala.

  2. It's an useful tool. I really hate those feather hairstyles.

  3. It's not too bad a thing to have, I really hope that we'll be able to sell the hairs eventually. I'm tired of seeing those feather hairs everywhere! now.

  4. I made one, but I keep going back and forth about whether or not I like it. It's dual colored - magenta with black (of course). Maybe I will put it on this week. - Ennui

  5. I try making them but it gets all messed up please tell me how you can get better at IT!!!!!!!!!!!!(ANYONE)