Monday, 16 April 2012

New Spectacular~

I feel so out of date, is it just me or have many shops in Starplaza ACTUALLY changed the names? Did it just happen long time ago when I was sweating over my coursework or did it really happened under my nose during these last few days? One may never find out~
So, anyway, as the ad says, new Spectacular is here (nothing much spectacular this time, and I think I missed a couple of last collections anyways, so I may be writing yesterday's news to you. But HEY, notice the actual pun in the word 'spectacular' being connected with spectacles. Oh okay I'm coming back to the article). The ad menioned above have presented itself to you in following form:

I actually began to think, is there ANY other way stardoll would advertise its goods from ads which is only viewed by girls who HOPEFULLY THIS TIME BECAME A NCG (does anybody really care about this anymore? Herp derp), BECAUSE OMGZ, I AVERTIZED MYSELF LIKE 1000 TIMES ALREADY? Sorry for this small interruption. I wonder if SD could make a flashmob about ze new spectaclezz, but after some thought, it's their world, their rules.
Returning to ze amazing spectaclezz, the highly anticipated (cool phrase, huh, caught it from my album) models look like~
which, as you see, means few exciting specimens. Like, Danger Cat Shades (see it for yourself, I did enough print-screening today to last me a lifetime anyway) and maybe a few others you would like but I haven't noticed and certainly wouldn't wear.

Thank you for your time and patience, it was Stunt Pilot, not really a stunt and much less a pilot, it was an article called "New Spectacular~" (the wave makes it look so much cooler), OR manifesto about stardoll advertisement. Herp derp.

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