Sunday, 8 April 2012

New Sunny Bunny

Long time no see, m'dear friends.
Happy Easter, and stuff.
Stardoll has released some time ago new Sunny Sunny collection with more horrible items than ever, with one or two that can actually be worn by normal people. Take a look:
One item is called "Nikki Hair"; it makes my skin crawl to think it's named after the infamous Nikki Minaj (or whatever she's called , those nicknames are getting more and more ridiculous). Party Mask item looks not bad, but the majority of items is made of cute bunnies and ducks which makes me cough even having to think about it. (*Cough* *Cough*, 'nuff said.)
And forgive me if it's not that new to you, I've been away from Stardoll for a really long time.


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  2. Yay your back! But yeah, the items are ugly. I think the black mask was inspired from the Black Swan mask though...

  3. I miss this blog.
    What happened?

  4. Thank the devil you're back!

  5. grimAuxiliatrix25 April 2012 at 20:58

    Yeah, I sometimes think that Stardoll thinks, "OOOH! If it has bunnies and shit, let's just slap something together just so we can get money!" I like the party mask though.