Friday, 13 April 2012

Amazing new feature on Beauty Parlor

It's been some time since Stardoll has offered us something really nice that could be used, and the time has come for it at last. (No evil laughter here.)
And the new feature is... *DRUMROLL* the ability to remove make-up in parts, not the whole thing. The feature menioned is placed below and looks like this:
It means, no sweat if you've done a makeover worthy of apearing in Miss Universe and accidentally fucked up one eye, or you've spent hours making your eyes look nice and the other day when you've changed your clothes the lipstick doesn't match (a real pain in the ass).

Oh, and thank you for your welcoming messages in my previous post, it was worth posting the nonsense just to get them :)


  1. this is perfect. i've been needing this tool for ages

  2. Love the way you write :D
    But yeah, I highly approve this one.