Tuesday, 21 September 2010

New Garden Variety

As I checked today the New section at the Starplaza, I came across Garden Variety's brand new collection.

The theme is peace, and it includes both plants and animals, as well as some paintings/signs related to this topic. New vases were also released.

When I went to check the shop, I noticed the coloured Origami Birds (3$), because I was once staying in a hotel where they did this exact thing, but using palm tree leaves. I find it a curious piece.

Here it is, the updated shop:

Found it worth buying something?


  1. I probably won't buy anything,
    bc flowers are pretty
    but they remind me of real flowers,
    which have to do with bugs.
    and I hate bugs (:


  2. really? funny, cause I love bugs *.* I already bought two flowers for my room and one for my dress-up ^^

  3. Oh, I thought that this vases will be transparent :/

    I don't like this theme, but flowers are olways nice to see ;D

  4. I loved the origami! I have a friend who makes and sells them. Talk about cheerful! I bought the entire set, including the cute little hanger.
    BTW, I hope chocolatofreak gets over her connecting flowers to bugs. Because flowers are a gift from nature and so WONDERFUL to have around!