Friday, 10 September 2010

Assymetrical Cat Mask

Part of last year's Tingeling Halloween Couture was Assymetrical Cat Mask. It originally costed 6$, then reached high prices, and is now free. Log into Stardoll with this proxy and visit this link if you want it:

I'm not sure about the real life version, but I believe it's inspired by Gareth Pugh's make up. Here's a picture:


  1. Im pissed. I spent a lot on that mask and now it's free .__.

  2. Huuuuuuuuuh... I donnot understand how to have it for free through the link of this proky... --'
    But I'll keep trying !! ^^

  3. @GoldCharlotte: you click on the link (where it says this proxy), write in the box, log in, and paste the link below in the box. that should do it (:

  4. OMG !!!! I got it ! I got it ! =DD
    Thank you ! Oh my god... ! I was covetting it for.... weeks and weeks... months and months...
    Thanks ! :)