Friday, 24 September 2010

September starplaza sale

Here's my sale picks from this month. Splash and Kohl's are on sale, so there's some Abbey Dawn pieces who deserve to be here, but aren't. Chech these out anyway.

1: Abbey Dawn Pleather Tank, Kohl's, 3$
2: I heart Rock Tee, Evil Panda, 3$
3: White Scallop Top & Scallop Bottoms, Splash, 7$ & 5$
4: Wide Belt, Voile, 1$
5: Abbey Dawn Plaid School Girl Skirt, Kohl's, 4$

By the way, some Kohl's items are hidden. You can search for them in Starplaza, they're on sale too.


  1. I love the I heart Rock Tee, but it's only for superstars.:/

    p.s.: what's your name on mixpod? I would like to listening your playlists there, because i like it.


  2. @Niaá: all sale items are superstar, sadly "/ but it wasn't always like this. even DKNY sales were non-superstar couple of years ago.. and this is the only playlist.

  3. That's mean!
    First Kohls was for Non-SS, and now, when there's sale, they made it SS :O