Thursday, 30 September 2010

Tingeling Halloween Couture #2

This year it's here again, though, in my opinion, not as good as the previous one. You should have received this message:
The store has two floors, and some items are even non-superstar, though, as you may well imagine, not the best ones - shoes, skirts, two so-called headwears and even a couple of dresses. It's not as original as the one before, but decide it for yourself:


  1. I really do like some, but I agree that I first collection was way better [:
    Well it's nice from stardoll that non-ss are able to get few pieces too unlike last time (if I remember right :D)

  2. Yeah, I like it too, but I liked previous collection more

  3. first was better, yes, but this one is awesome too. I'm probably gonna buy the whole collection (: don't wanna be collecting them later like the last one :P

  4. True. The first one was incredibly awesome ! :) I liked it very much but this year... it's great, okay, sure, but... If it is good, it is not... it doesn't look like it's Halloween...
    Did you understand what I meant ? x]
    But still, I really do love the first and last dress (at the very left and the very right) of the first floor ! :]