Wednesday, 1 September 2010


THEME: Our music player (photo below) is in trouble. We want to replace all the songs and we need your help - so the theme is music. Any music at all that you guys like, might it be metal, punk, rock, emo, goth or any other "dark" genre (but no Disney, pop, dance, techno etc., please).

INSTRUCTIONS: Choose any song at all that you like. It can be your favorite song or it can be a completely random song. Leave it's title and artist in the comments. Write your nickname aswell. We will each choose a song (that makes 4 song) and you will choose which one is best in a poll. All the entries will be added to the music player's playlist though.

~ You have to be a blog follower.
~ You can not ask for votes.
~ You can enter with one, two or three songs, no more.

PRIZE: The best song receives one of these:
~ sms code (worth 65 stardollars and 2 weeks of superstar) OR
~ 75 stardollars in cash

1. Ensiferum - Twilight Tavern
2. Korpiklaani - Gods on Fire
3. Eluveitie - Inis Mona

Competition runs until 10th of September.


  1. Guns N' Roses: Paradice City
    Nirvana: Rape Me
    Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody

  2. 1. I don't care - Apocalyptica & Three days grace
    2. Fade to black - Apocalyptica
    3. Girl I know - Avenged Sevenfold

  3. 1. honey, this mirror isn't big enough for the both of us - my chemical romance.
    2. haligh, haligh, a lie haligh - bright eyes.
    3. tribute - tenacious D.

    These are just my favourite songs.. I don't know if they fit into your catagories :/ I don't believe in labeling things I just like these songs :)

  4. @ all 3 - could you write down your nickname aswell?

  5. 1. Painkiller by Judas Priest
    2. Hold the Line OR Kingdom Fighter by Impellitteri
    3. Between the Hammer and the Anvil by Judas Priest

    -- Cass (RoyalRuby7395)

  6. 1)Fuel by Metallica
    2)I Almost Told You That I Loved You by Papa Roach
    3) I Get Off by Halestorm

    ^-^ Rayven96!! :DD

  7. Hello :)
    1- Let the Bodies Hit the Floor, by Drowning Pool
    2- Animal I have Become, by Three Days Grace
    3- Children of Decandence, by Children of Bodom

    My name is Charlotte, from GoldCharlotte :D

  8. @MissVampire;
    my nick is im.a.nerdje.

  9. Seether: Remedy
    alesis on fire: this could be anywhere in the world
    Emilie Autumn: gloomy sunday ( only on her deluxe edition of opheliac well worth a listen though) ^_^


  10. 1)Sex Pistols-Bodies
    2)Green Day-Jesus Of Suburbia
    3)The Runaways-Cherry Bomb

    Avril4everpetra ;)

  11. Trooper - Tari ca muntii
    AC/DC - Thunderstruck
    Guns N'Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine

    Nckname: minisuka_ancafe

    [Btw, do the songs have to be in English? cause the song by Trooper is in Romanian..It's one of my favourites so that's why I suggested it though]

  12. @minisuka_ancafe: they don't have to be in English (:

  13. Deidara_Girl:

    1 hand of blood - BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE
    2 waking the demon - BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE
    3 angels dont kill- CHILDREN OF BODOM

  14. Death Eternal by Calabrese
    House of Mysterious Secrets by calabrese
    Run for you life by The Creepshow

  15. foofighters-the pretender
    green day-wake me up when september ends
    metallica-nothing else matters

  16. Flicka2013 (Stardoll nickname)

    1. American Idiot - Green Day
    2. I Dont Care - Fall out Boy
    3. Face Down - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

  17. Organ Grinder-Emilie Autumn
    Back In Black-AC/DC
    I Love Rock And Roll-Joan Jett


  18. Nirvana- Smells like teen spirit
    Metallica- Enter sandman
    Led zeppelin- Heartbreaker
    Pearl jam- even flow
    joan jett- bad reputation
    the doors- Love me two times
    Joy division- Love will tear us apart
    everclear- heroin girl
    bon jovi- it's my life
    alter bridge- metalingus
    avenged sevenfold- nightmare
    dire straights- sultans od swing
    europe- final countdown
    the ramones- Poison heart
    ugly kid joe- everything about you

    Wow.. i just realized how many i wrote xD Only some ideas, i'm not expecting you to use all of them :P


  19. @*miss*kitty*: you can only have 3 entries for the competition. I'll put as many as I can on the playlist, but please choose 3 for the competition.

  20. Iron Maiden-The Trooper -Metal
    Judas Priest-Demonizer -Metal
    Almora-Cehennem Geceleri -Goth

    Name is: aySHEn54

  21. Cradle Of Filth - A Gothic Romance
    Emilie Autumn - Manic Depression
    Rolling Stones - Angie

  22. Oops,im sorry , didnt read that part xD

    metallica-enter sandman
    joy division- love will tear us apart
    led zeppelin- heartbraker


  23. Yay! Competition! : ))

    Rammstein - Rammleid
    Sisters of Mercy - When you don't see me
    Siouxsie and The Banshees - This Unrest

    My username is: jillz10

    [I'm betting on the oldies. Let's see if you guys even remember those songs - aside from Rammstein, the gods of German metal.]

  24. Inside the fire-Disturbed
    Down with the sickness-Disturbed
    The Curse-Disturbed

  25. Hey! I fell in love with your blog! :) Finally something different... Here are my songs: [I don't know if someone already suggested any of them]

    Saliva - Always
    Marylin Manson - If I Was Your Vampire
    HIM - Heartkiller

    Oh and my nickname is not-perfect111 :)