Friday, 24 September 2010

"Free" dress

If you have checked your messages recently, you probably found this:the so-called free dress. Stardoll wants us to think it's 'priceless', and so on. 'Created by one of our finest designers', I don't have the words to describe the pitiness (I, the female version of Dr. House, who always has something to say about anything). First, it's horrible. My brother's old rag which he used to call "training jumper" looks better (and I'd look better in it than this, um, dress). Second, the 'for free' thing. When did Stardoll ever gave us good stuff for free? (Except most proxies, ofc.) To get this dress, you have to become superstar (Surprise!) At least I have, as non-superstar. I wonder what does it say to those who already are superstar.

P.S. Sorry for my occassional posts. I'm in my last year at school, and I'm, like, learning a lot


  1. 'priceless' piece of sh!t, if you ask me, sorry for language.

  2. Ahaha lol (:


    Haha, yeah, I don't like, so yeah lol

  3. OmG! That is hidious! :O Looks like someone pulled it out of chimney ^^

  4. the superstars didn't get a message, I think. but I do agree it looks horrible. I wouldn't want it no matter how rare it was.

  5. i don't like this dress and i get it .. i'm saling this dress if is anybody interested in it (reallly cheap przes)
    Have fun,