Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Update on Mortal Kiss

I was checking the [Twilight] inspired story that Stardoll publishes, Mortal Kiss, when I noticed some updates. There are currently three open interactive houses:

The Police Station - you can click on an evidence envelope on the desk that contains photos and on an open drawer that contains file information about a murder case.

The Mall - takes you to the Mortal Kiss shop, at the Starplaza

Winter Mill High - click on the books on top of the glass displayer with trophies, and then click on the Year Book, so you can have access to pictures and some facts about the two main characters of the story.

Also, if you pay attention to our posts, you saw that there is a hidden message next to the Welcome to Winter Mill sign, that you are only able to read if you click there with a magnifying glass.

There is a new one now, near the Matheson Cabin. In the snow is written "Lone wanderer fell victim while wandering the wolf kingdom."

I thought you'd like to know.


  1. I like the hidden messages, but the story is totally twilight.
    Screw it (:

  2. Yeah, it sucks. When I saw Mortal Kiss, werewolves I though TWILIGHT PART TWO. I was right.

    But the idea of the messages is pretty cool indeed :D