Monday, 6 September 2010

Mortal Kiss

I wasn't expecting this. Stardoll and Random House created an online book. I was excepting some sorta of teenagers love or pink princesses story but, surprisingly the book is a bit more dark.

We only have one chapter available but Stardoll will update it daily. Soon we'll be able to read 27 chapters. I've read the first one and it's clearly about werewolves.

Plus we have a map. And if you need help with something you can click on 'Help' on the sidebar.

I guess book lovers will like this idea. Will you read Mortal Kiss?


  1. I definately will! Especially after reading this official article about it:,1447423.html
    Sounds great :)
    ♥ Halima89

  2. How unusual! Gonna check it later, for sure. Seems nice!