Monday, 2 August 2010


You've probably seen on Starplaza some new makeup by L'Occitane, a French cosmetics brand.
If you are from Sweden, an L'Occitane shop will be available.
Otherwise, some of the items can be found on the NEW section, but you can get the entire collection by clicking here. Personally, I find it rather boring and expensive.

Stardoll has also released a poster of this brand. Again, if you are from Sweden, the poster can be found on your suite.
If you're interested on it and yet are from a different country, click here to get it (log in to your account, then close the window and log in to regular It will be on your suite)


  1. Yeah, totally agree, it's really expensive... and not original, we can found the same colors at the other makeup stores...
    And a purple blush? Who wears a purple blush? Only if you want to look like you've just got punched! xD

  2. Yeah, exactly.
    Stardoll kinda sucks with makeup. I mean LUXE, what the fuck is that? GLITTER?!
    Sephora by Kat Von D was The Best brand.