Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Yellow Volume Skirt Gown

The new Stardoll World shop added a new floor. I don't like any of the clothes, nor did I like the first floor. But there is this dress - Yellow Volume Skirt Gown (12$) that is in my opinion amazing. The real life version looks better though.

Here's the real life version from Alexander McQueen:

If you look at it closely, the head ornament and shoes are in the Stardoll World shop too.


  1. We should appreciate their effort and stuff, 'cause their graphic job is pretty hard. But those oriental glossy shoes turned out looking sort of defective, know what I'm saying? But the most weird thing is that I frigging bought it. Just like the expensive lashes from happy panda land. Thank Gawd I'm poor again.

  2. The graphics job really isn't as hard as it seems. They've done better before, way better, but now they're getting lazy..

  3. I agree. Remember the red panda?