Tuesday, 24 August 2010

August starplaza sale

The August monthly sale has started. Unfortunately, there is no nice dark items on sale. None at all. But there is two items that caught my attention.
One is a lab coat that our writer black_mermaid is wearing. The other one is a Hot Buys purse. Hot Buys are rarely on sale, so take the chance and buy it while you can. It'll be worth alot more in a few months.

1: Lab Coat, Stardoll, 5$
2: Hot Buys Purse, Pretty in Pink, 4$


  1. Yeah, I saw it this morning hehe lol :)
    I wish they'd have more better stuff on sale lol.

  2. "It'll be worth alot more in a few months." That's the right thinking, lean mean business machine woman! Yeah!