Monday, 30 August 2010

Fur LE

A new LE collection has arrived today. You probably know that because of this mail:

The collection is very.. furry. The trends right now are fur, real or not. I personally strongly disagree with real fur but Stardoll obviously doesn't. I find this collection VERY cruel. Here it is:

There's also some hidden items you can only find via search:

UPDATE: Stardoll released the second floor with the hidden items.


  1. I like them :)
    Please visit

  2. Man it's too motherf*cking contradictive to make a collection with scalps of animals and fur after all that endangered species stuff. What the fuck is that?

  3. Ahhh I love how everyone starts to sell something valuable when LE shows up ... :D

  4. I dont like it and I didnt buy anuthing.

  5. I only bought like 3 items haha lol.

  6. I bought two pairs of shoes that didn't have any fur on. I agree it's contradictive, but nobody seems to mind :s