Friday, 26 February 2010

Tribute to McQueen on Stardoll

It has been some time since McQueen died. They're now making a campain - there's McQueen adds, McQueen competition and even McQueen a stardoll (which is the first designer stardoll if we don't count real celebs like Vivienne Tam and similar). There's also rumors that a few new McQueen dresses will come to Starplaza. I think they came out a bit late because it took Stardoll a bit longer to make these:


  1. This may sound snooty, but the whole cQueen tribute thing was my idea. I mailed Stardoll about doign something for the much-loved designer, and voila! A week later, and here we are...



  2. I think it's possible, but they probably would have done something anyway since they've made so many McQueen inspired pieces.