Friday, 26 February 2010

New LE

You've probably heard of Stardoll's new trick, or atleast seen it. I didn't want to write about it because the prices are ridiculous and the stuff doesn't even look that nice, but since it's all over Stardoll, I decided to post it.
Stardoll made an offer: they sent an e-mail to all non-superstars that used to be superstar, saying that if they upgrade (to ss), they can buy exclusive Limited Edition clothing that isn't available to others. Some users ofcourse figured out a way for all superstar users to buy it. Not that it matters, all the stuff is almost sold out.
The prices? Left to right: Laced Grommet Dress (150$), LE Black Yellow Dress (100$), Couture White Poppy Dress (175$), LE Draped Dress (125$), Geometric Tube Top (65$), Pop Leopard Bag (50$).

The thing that immediately stood out is the top. Guess who designed it? That's right, Alexander McQueen. Something that might be interesting: in real life, this top costs 1295€ (1755$).

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