Sunday, 21 February 2010


So, I always had more or less crazy ideas, and one day I heard some girls (we're in same year at school) in the corridor talking about their prom dresses (come to think, I'll have prom next year *_*), and I understood that none of the places I could borrow a dress would have one matching me (because I never like anything that others like), and I'll have to sew one for myself. So, in history I drew something that would seem like my dream (not "future", pity to have to confess, but I almost never finish anything I do). So, in history, while I was still in my moods to do anything, I did the picture (I'm not much of a drawer too), and when I came home I sew this example of a skirt :

I hope, I'll finish the big one someday too (and, first of all, start it). I've seen a skirt which idea is close to mine, I liked it very much. Here's my draw:


  1. I think it's an awesome idea *.* if you ever get to sew your dress, you have to show it to us ^^

  2. ^^

    Gawrsh I HAVE...attemped to draw dresses, I atmitt I am NOT a good drawer AT ALL!
    But some of my designes Aren't bad at all!
    This one beats all of mine!!

  3. If I ever finish it... first of all, I should finish my bag I've laready started and it's nearly to the end, but I suck at ending anything