Sunday, 28 February 2010

Inspired by Gucci

It seems that Stardoll is bringing back alot of (user-proclaimed) rares lately. Most users are ofcourse happy that it is happening because they get a chance to wear those clothes. But the ones that have them and bought them for alot of money aren't very happy. Again a proof how Stardoll doesn't care about users. You should be careful from now on, only buy things that are DKNY or any other brand or have RARE on the tag for a big amount of money because all the other ones may come back.
This time it's the Inspired by Gucci jacket.

Originally it was Fallen Angel (it's now tagged Archive). It's non-superstar and not very expensive which is pretty convenient for everyone. At first (which was a few years ago, really long time) I bought it for 4$. Now when it's back, it costs 5$.
In real life it's Gucci:

I think this one looks better on Stardoll too.

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