Saturday, 30 April 2011

Free Blood Red Skirt

This is your chance to get the Tingeling Halloween Couture piece Blood Red Skirt for free. Its original price was 22$, but you can imagine it got very expensive throughout the years. I had it, but I only spent 11$ on it. Did anyone else have it? Photo:

Before you do this, I recommend you change your password and then change it again when you're done. It's a good anti-hacking system.
Done? Let's start then. Use this proxy to log into Stardoll. After that just visit this link:
The skirt should be in your suite.


  1. I had them already for the original price. I'm not happy on these times when old (and maybe even quite rare) items become freebies, why can't stardoll create more new items instead of re-releasing old ones :S PS. This is one of those few times when I love Stardoll's version more :D

  2. Hehe. I'm happy now. I was going to spend 100 stardollars on this and now it's free! x]

  3. I HATE stardoll right now. Why?! Sooner or later they will give away free LE or first season DKNY

  4. I really looove the Tingeling Halloween collection, I'm glad for have this skirt for free :D

  5. Awesome skirt, thanks for putting this up :D