Tuesday, 26 April 2011

May Hot Buys

This month's Hot Buys. I don't like it. Maybe the skirt? I don't know..

Hot Buys Hairdecoration - Splendid, My 3rd - 9$
Hot Buys Swimsuit - Rio, May 6th - 17$
Hot Buys Shorts - Fudge, May 9th - 10$
Hot Buys Ruffle Dress - Pretty in Pink, May 12th - 21$
Hot Buys Skirt - Bisou, May 15th - 16$
Hot Buys Shoes - Rio, May 16th - 10$
Hot Buys Bow Shirt - Evil Panda, May 20th - 16$
Hot Buys Bag - Rio, May 24th - 11$
Hot Buys Dress - Evil Panda, May 27th - 23$
Hot Buys Top - Rio, May 31st - 15$


  1. i don't really like them..but I can't be sure until I try them on!!

  2. I like the bag and maybe the shoes...have to try them first :)

  3. Definately not! They're kitch! -.-"

  4. Personally I dont like them :( Maybe shoes but I dont know if I would buy it...they look like the new LE collection, I mean the neon colors.

  5. i like the shorts and skirt and maybe two dresses but i'm not sure. and this girl's hair looks really weird lol.

  6. I lost interest in Hot Buys. Boring. Though, hair decoration looks quite good...

  7. morphine through your veins.28 April 2011 at 15:19

    Shoes are okay, but the rest of the items don't interest me.

  8. I really don't like these items... They definitely aren't my style... maybe I'll buy the shoes and the bag, but I'm not sure yet...

  9. I like them bcs is a happy color :D but i don't like shorts :/