Sunday, 3 April 2011

McQueen competition winners

We're finally announcing the McQueen competition winners. We're late again, I know, I'm sorry for that. I was in Rome for a week and I wasn't on.
Anyway, there has been a change. We can not give out 6 prizes because Stardoll made some changes. Their greediness spoiled our plans, I'm so sorry. Before, we could upgrade a non-superstar for 1,99€, but now they raised the price to 4,49€. So we did some re-arranging and decided to still give out 4 prizes. The non-superstars contact winniegirl123 for your prize and superstars contact me. If winniegirl123 won't give you the prize cause "she's not comfortable with giving out her number", then I'm sorry, it's out of my hands.
Now on to the winners. Non-superstar winners: *drumroll*
Jannnnnu and vivianton1998, congratulations!

Superstar winners:
coldgirll and ilgd, congrats!


  1. Are you kidding me, this shit won?

  2. that's what people voted for. + I think the entries are pretty awesome (: