Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Today we got a new store called Sprinkled all it's all about decorating your hands with several types of accessories such as pearls, tattoos, nail piercings and even some nail ribbons. Everything is really cheap (prices go from 1$ to 3$) but, unfortunately, only Superstar members can use these new features. And here's the collection:

I think some items are amazing, the tattoos look awesome and nail piercings are gorgeous so I'll totally purchase some stuff. What about you?


  1. i like some things from the shop!!And also the prices are great!!!
    but the thing that totally annoys me is that window that pops up in my suite when i put my mouse on my hand....

  2. I so agree with ilgd!! It's the most annoying thing yet Stardoll has done. I couldn't even put on a bracelet because the pop-up wouldn't let me. Surely they will get rid of it if enough of us complain.

    Haven't seen the store yet... Gotta go check it out. What they showed on the StarPlaza "new" page was nothing special.

  3. yeah!i always put bracelets and gloves in my medoll and now i can't remove them unless i remove all the nail accessories first!!!

  4. I think the only boring thing to remove all the nail acessories before...but some of them are pretty

  5. morphine through your veins6 April 2011 at 15:11

    Loving the tattoos, but I don't really like the idea of 'decorating' your hands.

    Yesterday there was one tattoo & one ring for non-ss, haha, today they are only ss >:'D