Friday, 22 April 2011

The Kittens have grown!

If you're the owner of one of Pêt-à-Porter's kittens, you probably noticed that they have grown up.

The first floor of the store has been updated with the now juvenile kittens. Here's a picture so you can check how every breed looks like now:

Also, you've got this message in your inbox, reminding you of the growth:

In the text above, they mentioned a free cat carrier right? This is waiting for you in your suite:

What do you think of the "grown up" kittens? Still adorable, or not?


  1. I do think that some of them are still adorable but some others are a little bit purely made...However I always adore cats!! :D

  2. I adore cats as well, and one of the reasons I bought them was because they will grow. As for the carrier, I don't get it.

  3. i love mine! they r still sweet and alwas will be :)

  4. I dont have them :( But its amazing they grow up