Monday, 14 November 2011

Really, Stardoll? Really?

We all know Stardoll isn't very original, but this has got to be a new record. They've been advertising new colors, when in fact they've been giving us the old shit in a new package. Now it doesn't make much of a difference with the white dye, but the first nail polish is 4 stardollars more expensive, even though it's the SAME exact color. Here's some photos to show you what I mean:
1. MSW Starlight White Haircolor, Doreé, 6 stardollars

2. Bridal Blush HairColor, Doreé, 6 stardollars

Same with the nail polishes:
1. Miss Stardoll World Soft Pink, Polished, 14 stardollars

2. Salmon Pink Nailpolish, Polished, 10 stardollars

Thanks to Sun for the hint.
And another thing, has anyone ever noticed the different spelling of the Doreé (or Dorée) shop?

Fix it, Stardoll!
Another thing to watch out for is the Mortal Kiss gown. In the shop it costs 30 stardollars, but if you search for dresses, you can find the same one for only 18 stardollars on page 20;


  1. Goes to show what an evil empire SD actually is.

  2. This is actually one reason I don't buy from this shop(Only dyes that I really want). It's completely ridiculous. This is a way for Stardoll to steal our money!

  3. I hate how they think, "Oh, it's Miss Stardoll world or whatever! Let's make it more expensive than the other one"

  4. thanks for telling the secret witht the mortal kiss dress! and the thing with the hair dye is something i recognized before sometimes a color is nearly like the normal hair color you can choose between in the beauty parlor ...

  5. Damn! I bought the haircolor too! Oh, and I wrote to stardoll about the nailpolish. Their only response was "they are not the exact same color." All I could think was 'I totally should have expected that response.' *sigh* lesson learned. I need to be more careful, apparently.

  6. Actually SD is really weird, totally crazy! :O

  7. OMFG! Stardoll have turned so fucking greedy!!
    BUT!i do like the look of their latest Holiday pass, for once you get really nice stuff!

  8. stardolls fucking ridiculous, they can expect to recieve hate mail from my spare acount

  9. It isn't the first time this happens with the dye... these MSW colors are the same as the previous collection, just a little bit softer than the old one :-S
    And it's exactly the same thing with these nailpolish ...

  10. Here's a link from a blog called stardoll-br, where they make a comparation of the Doreé collections:

  11. They have released new chockers on jewelry design.!:) -LF1999

  12. The more expensive pieces in Mortal Kiss are animated, the others are not

  13. About the "Doreé" mistake thing...
    I am french and I think the word they use for the make up and haircolor (Doreé) is wrong. It means "golden", in french. And the correct writing is definitely "Dorée" x)
    Anyway, like you said, fix it, stardoll ! ^^'

  14. The differences between the hair dyes and the nail polishes are very very very subtle but they aren't actually the same. The MSW dye is just a little bit more pure white than the other one, but like I said tiny tiny bit. If you put the two nail polishes on the same hand at the same time you'll notice if you look closely that the regular salmon is just that tiny tiny bit brighter. Again, like I said it's so small it's almost unnoticeable.
    As for the dresses the 30 SD one is animated with water like imagery. The 18 SD isn't.
    The names however are completely out of sync and GoldCharlotte is totally right :D

  15. the word Dorée is french and the right spelling is:Dorée.