Friday, 25 November 2011

New Dorée

Stardoll finally released some decent colours for Dorée! We have 3 new shades of red, 2 gorgeous blues and the amazing green I've been waiting for so long *.* And, of course, the matching highlighters:
There are also new items on Luxe store, but I don't think it's worth checking. Way too sparkly as usual.


  1. I've been waiting for blue and green for such a long time ! back when they were first released i didn't buy blue cause there was a glitch and if you colored your hair 5 times with a same color and saved it you got blue hair! and it was such a nice blue ! haha :D anyways love these colors! i only want the orange one and my collection of hair-colors will be complete! :D
    - makomakoshka

  2. Will have to double check these. Thanks for the heads up on the new colors.

  3. I love the cranberry red!!! It's beautiful!!! *-*