Sunday, 13 November 2011

Mortal Kiss Zombie

If you're a lover of horror and all the things that goes bump in the night, than I'm sure you loved this item as much as I did. It's a perfect piece to include on a dark and spooky suite.
It was released along with the Mortal Kiss Decor collection (which is not available anymore) but, if you're interested, you can still get it on the Starbazaar.

Stardoll got inspired by a real life collectible from the Walking Dead series. Well, I love it:


  1. I love anything zombie-related! And I love watching the Walking Dead, such a great show :-)

  2. I used to love zombies until my gamer boyfriend and his brother started talking about a zombie apocalypse every single day. From all the talking and theories, I think I'm fit to survive a zombie apocalypse any day :D
    It's interesting Stardoll published this, they don't usually include blood and gore and stuff like that.

  3. I love zombies too, and SD version is totally look like the original one. I agree with @jess_says_hiyah, The Walking Dead is a great TV show *.*

  4. OMG! I have an obsession with Zombies ,I wish i had bought it now!!
    Does anyone have any idea what the Halloween Pet a Porter Animals are going to turn into