Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Chanel holiday tribute

Stardoll released a Chanel tribute store today. That means good investment for the future and actually a few good pieces. Here are the two floors:

Some of the pieces were already released yesterday. If you were lucky enough to buy them then, you'll find they're for sale. I bought these two:

If they stay for sale, they'll be priceless.


  1. I like this store! There are some cool items, like the gloves, the black tight print jeans and the silver multi chain choker!!! Too bad I can't buy this shirt anymore... it's beautiful!

  2. I like some of them, especially gloves, tights, belt and this shirt. They're great :D

  3. I really don't understand how ppl can say they like this store. The graphics are so bad it's painful to watch and most of the clothes don't fit properly - manly the gloves!
    I did buy a few items tho, accessories most; the red bag and the camellia purse, the Victorian boots...
    And I also got the black blouse :) which is the only piece I really like and white short gloves make think "Michael Jackson" so I didn't get those :D