Friday, 3 December 2010

Strappy Creepers

Here's another piece from Anarchy on Stardoll inspired line. These are one my favorite pieces ever on Stardoll. It's called Strappy Creepers and you can buy them for 6$ on the Fallen Angel store. And guess what, non-superstars can buy them as well! The thing I like the most about these creepers is that you can make a Gothic, Punk, Metalhead or even a dark high fashion look with them, because it will always fit any type of dark style. Now, the Stardoll version:

After toking some time, I found a real life version (which I really really love) from this Gothic store. They're really not that cheap in real life though. If you're interested in purchasing any type of dark shoes I recommend you the English store Demonia which it has these boots as well. Picture:


  1. Love them! I have boots like them in real life but they're not like platforms as these are...!

  2. These are very similar to the boots y'all used in the StarPlaza window display a few weeks ago. I bought the purple and the black versions then. These have the straps and all, so I guess I'm gonna have to get them, too!

    BTW, the real life version is FABULOUS. I may have to go buy them as well!! Thanks so much for doing this. You guys really ROCK.

  3. The real life version is better, but I still love them both :D

  4. I love both versions, the only thing i dont like about the real life version, is how high they are!! i'd twist an ankle -.-