Sunday, 12 December 2010

December collectible doll

Here's this month's collectible doll. I think you'll all agree she's too pink, but otherwise I find her cute. I won't complain much because all the princesses of Stardoll deserve their own spot too. More darker collectibles aren't to be expected soon anyway since we've already gotten two.


  1. It's really cute, but yeah it could be better if her dress was in different colour, not so pink :S

  2. Hey girls, I've just made some new designs with some logo bands...Marilyn Manson, Chaimara and FOB...if you're intrested, please visit my bazaar..byw, i love this blog! and loved the colection inspired by you! ok, hope you like my designs!

  3. I'm not quite impressed by this little princess! Why all the princesses have to be cute and pink? They can make dolls with Victorian dresses but I guess this won't happen so...>.> I don't care!

  4. It's too pink! i agree with Rena! Victorian dresses it would be much better.

  5. I don't have an account so i'm posting anonymous..
    Yes i also agree about the dress. I think Stardoll should make something so we can create our own dolls and send them to their headquarter (or something like that), and then the goths, the rappers, the hippies and all those other styles would get what they want :D
    But i still like it. She's better than that other pink princess, that one was really too bad!!!