Sunday, 5 December 2010


Since nothing interesting is happening, I'll post about this great Corset which I really really like. I remember to see this item on the Starplaza since I've joined Stardoll (2 years ago) and I see many dark users still wearing it. My favorite outfits with this corset are the ones that incorporate Gothic skirts. They look amazing.
You can find it on the Fallen Angel store for 5$ which I think it's a good price.

In real life, Stardoll got inspired by the corset from The Black Angel store. Picture:


  1. It's great, but it's not my favourite one.
    There are sooo many of them in the Fallen Angel store and I don't want to have a wardrobe full of them.

    PS: The pic of the real life version looks a bit strange O_0

  2. I have it too! I adore this piece of clothing! I was wearing it yesterday ( on my MeDoll)