Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Winter/Christmas COMPETITION

All the entires are in and it's time to vote. It's Christmas time and I'm feeling generous - which means two winners and two sms codes. There's only 3 entries for the Christmas theme, so I guess those have a better chance.
Time to vote now. Just vote for whoever you think represents the theme best. Since there's two polls this time, I have to make sure you'll vote so sign below and tell us who you voted for if you want a gift of your choice (let's say 5 gifts worth 5$ or less).
Click on each of the images to magnify them.
To Rena: The entry was not valid because it didn't follow the instructions. Sorry.
To amanda3900: I could not use your link because your album is set to private and requires a password. Sorry.


  1. 10 days for entries and 10 days for voting - that means on the 24th.

  2. There all so awesome i don't know who to vote for!

  3. are you kidding me?! wtf? Punky_Lissy copy Janomilka.. from last competition!!!

  4. There are some really great ones in there :D