Friday, 3 December 2010

Finland-themed clothes

The Finnish independence day or itsenäisyyspäivä in Finnish (I dare you to pronounce that!) is on the 6th of December, so Stardoll again released some Finland-themed clothing. As a big fan of the country, I'm crazy about it so I found the real life versions for you. Click on each image to magnify it.

Spectrolite Necklace Inspired By Kalevala, 4$, non-superstar
Spectrolite is a mineral, found in Finland and Madagascar. It's often used in jewelry as its colors are magnificent. Kalevala is the epic poem of Finland and is probably the most known work in Finland. It talks about folklore and mythology, so you can see why it'd inspire this lovely necklace. By the way, it glows.

Sibelius Monument, 10$, non-superstar
This monument is found in the MiniShop. It was dedicated to a Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. You can find it in Helsinki and it's made of 600 steel pipes that represent Sibelius' music - which is classical.

Dress Inspired By IvanaHelsinki, 15$, superstar and
Shoes Inspired By Ivana Helsinki, 5$, non-superstar

Shoes Inspired By Minna Parikka, 5$, non-superstar

Gloves Inspired By Minna Parikka, 4$, non-superstar

Mask Inspired By Minna Parikka, 4$, non-superstar

Skirt Inspired By Minna Parikka, 7$, superstar

Top Inspired By Minna Parikka, 14$, superstar

Bag Inspired By Marimekko, 5$, non-superstar


  1. I love the necklace X.X

  2. Θ_Θ They're good but not really my style!

  3. Where can I find the necklace for my sister that there are many friends who have it and it wants it?

  4. plz i want the necklace can u seel me it with 1200 stardollarz ?