Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Goth Necklace

I figured an autopsy post hasn't been written in a while so I'd write one now. This is a choker that's part of the Inspired by Anarchy on Stardoll Fallen Angel collection. It's called Goth Necklace, it costs 5$ and thankfully it's not superstar. It gives the image of a vampire bite with dripping blood in the form of litte red crystals. It's one of my favorite Beauty Parlor pieces.

In real life it's from the wonderful Alchemy Gothic collection. It's made of velvet and contains actual Swarovski crystals. I wanted to buy it myself since it only costs about 20€, but I figured it wouldn't be very comfortable if the size wasn't propper.

(thanks to Angel_of_HIM for the tip)


  1. It looks better in reality! xD

  2. Wow, great thing :o In real life it looks way better...